All-On-4® Dental Implants

Our specialists use advanced dental systems and cutting-edge approach make it possible to replace all of your upper or lower teeth with a denture supported by only four dental implants.


The freedom to smile.
Teeth that look and function like natural teeth.
Knowing that your teeth will NEVER slip or come out.
Having the liberty to eat anything you'd like. No more only eating soft foods.
No more gooey messy denture adhesives.


This prosthesis is used in special situations for patients who have enough bone in the anterior regions of the lower or upper jaws, but limited amount of bone in the posterior regions and are not candidates for extensive bone grafting.

How is it possible for patients to leave you office with teeth on the day of implant treatment?

Patient Review

I don’t normally do reviews, but the importance of this situation compelled me to do so. I am 68 years old and when I went to Dr. Blasingame my mouth was in pretty poor shape. After years of “putting it off” either out of a general fear of major dental procedures or just not putting a priority on it, I was missing several teeth and most of the rest were in bad shape. From the very first visit Dr. Blasingame and his staff made me feel comfortable with there attention and professionalism. In my case I needed to have the remainder of my teeth removed, bone grafts, and then implants. Everything went perfectly and I ended up with a set of teeth that look better than my own original teeth had for my entire life! I no longer need to clamp my lips shut when I smile! I have nothing but good things to say about teamPerio, and would recommend them to anyone.
- Gary T