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It is a pleasure to write this recommendation for Dr Eric Blasingame. We had a close working relationship for the last 4 years of my career as an Endodontist. I always found that he held himself and his staff to the same degree of professionalism and excellence that I expected in my own practice. It was a big relief to be able to condemn a hopeless tooth, knowing that an implant was an option, right next door. 41 years after endodontic treatment on tooth #14, my wife suffered a fracture of the tooth. Eric was great, and rallied his staff together under COVID restrictions to get the tooth out and a bone graft placed. Now the implant is integrated and the restoration in place. I was truly impressed with the compassion and care they showed her. It all went just wonderfully, and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. My wife feels the same, and only had one day of discomfort following the initial implant placement. Rest assured that Eric will treat your valued patients just the same.

Dr. John Pruett
Endodontist - Redding, CA

I have been working with teamPerio for the better part of a decade. I know my patients will be treated with the highest standards of care from the time they call to the outcome of their treatment. Their staff is caring and professional. Their treatment results meet both my patients' and my expectations. I highly recommend teamPerio for anyone looking for excellent results and the highest standards of care.

Dr. Robert C. Shoff
Orthodontist - Redding, CA

It is an honor to work with Dr. Blasingame. His training and skill are of the highest quality. Dr. Blasingame is a vital member of our professional dental team offering excellence in periodontal consultation and treatment to our family practice patients as needed. His world class techniques and service have far exceeded my expectations. We are fortunate to have a periodontist of his caliber in the North State.

Dr. Michael Dinius
General Dentist - Redding, CA

When a high level of specialized care is needed in the field of periodontics or implant reconstruction I trust the office of Dr. Eric Blasingame. When my patients ask why there, the answer is easy, the highest level of care along with compassion. That is why my mother and father have been treated by Dr. Blasingame along with many of my patients.

Dr. Maurice Trusas
General Dentist - Redding, CA