Gum Recession

What Causes Gum Recession?

Gum recession can be caused from several factors. This can include gum disease, having thin tissue, trauma from your tooth brush, and after having braces.

Gum Grafting Treatment

We utilize advanced techniques to provide you with predictable results to correct gum recession.

Connective Tissue Grafts: In some cases a piece of tissue is harvested from the roof of your mouth and transferred below the gumline of the area of recession. The gums are then pulled up and over the top of the grafted tissue. This technique is very predictable and looks very natural because it is your own tissue. Connective tissue grafting has remained the gold standard for treating gum recession. For further explanation schedule an appointment so we can determine if connective tissue grafting is right for you.

Soft Tissue Allografts: An alternative to taking tissue from the roof of your mouth is to use a type of tissue from a tissue bank. We only use tissue that has past the strictest requirements set by the American Association of Tissue Banks. The donors undergo a rigorous screening analysis and the tissue is processed in a way that removes all living components. The tissue is completely sterile and acts as a matrix for your body to build it’s own tissue in it’s place. The surgical procedure is done in the same way as the connective tissue graft, however there is no need to harvest tissue from the roof of the mouth. This technique can not be used in every scenario but is a viable option to give predictable results. Please schedule an appointment to see if soft tissue allografting is right for you.

Patient Review

Dr. Blasingame is a wonderful Doctor, he was very kind and helpful through my whole surgery, before, during and after. He called to follow up on how I was doing after my surgery and was easy to get a hold of and talk to him if I had any questions. Thank you to him and his staff for doing an amazing job and making me feel comfortable.
- Anna S