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384 Hartnell Avenue, Suite A, Redding, CA 96002
4.9 / 5
based upon 346 reviews.
5 / 5
based upon 58 reviews.
Posted On: 12/17/2016 I've been a patient almost 20 years, wouldn't go and where else. Amy R
Posted On: 12/09/2016 I had a pleasant and productive appointment, the doctor saw me in a timely manner and answered all my questions. Great Staff, and beautiful facility. Janice W
Posted On: 11/22/2016 Thanks for the second opinion. I was very concerned about an implant that I was getting and was great relieved and happy that Dr Blasingame worked with my dentist to make sure I have a good outcome for my implant. Linda M
Posted On: 11/18/2016 Very satisfied, very professional, plan on having more work done when I can. Naomi A
Posted On: 11/10/2016 You give top of the line service and care. I am very pleased with my dental car. Julie N
Posted On: 11/04/2016 I've been very pleased with your services for many years and I recommend Dr. Holpuch whenever I get a chance. Gary B
Posted On: 11/03/2016 Dr. Holpuch and Dr. Blasingame really seem to care about their patients! They both are easy to work with and really good at what they do. The staff is very friendly and I've always enjoyed talking with them when I'm in the office. I would gladly send a friend or family member here! Andrew Z website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 07/25/2016 Customer service Norma S website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/01/1970 This Staff is supreme! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Dr. Blasingame always spends time
with me to ensure I clearly understand my situation. I highly recommend them to anyone
needing these services.
Mary S
Posted On: 01/01/1970 This is absolutely the best place in redding to go if you need dental work done. They are fast, precise, and effective to the fullest extent all while treating you with respect and empathy for whatever you may be going through. They were informative and kept me upt to speed on all that was being done from beginning to end. I had Dr. Blasingame perform an implant of a tooth that had been root canaled poorly by a previous dentist, and he was awesome. I felt relief within 2 hours after surgery all the way down to a minor tenderness. I can’t thank him enough for the extreme professionalism and excellent job he did, as well as the amazing staff that help along the way. No question, if you need anything dental, go here. Joshua B
Posted On: 01/01/1970 Both Dr. Holpuch and his assistant Ericka were enormously helpful. They provided a great deal of information in a clear, concise way, and their competence engendered a sense of confidence in me during a potentially very stressful situation. Christine W
Posted On: 01/01/1970 This is one of the most professional businesses in the state of California. This is one of the most professional businesses in the state of California. The
best service and the best quality.
Dan C
Posted On: 01/01/1970 Dr. H is an excellent provider and brother veteran who has always given me great care. Dr. H is an excellent provider and brother veteran who has always given me great care. This was my first time treated by Dr. Eric and was very pleased even if my tooth was a little stubborn. Not only they great providers, but good people who really care. The office and support staff are wonderful. I have been a long time ER nurse and combat medic for 30+ years and know excellent care when I get it. I am pleased with my care and would recommend these Providers and staff for anyone including my children and grandchildren. Michael M
Posted On: 01/01/1970 I appreciate everyone's professionalism, interpersonal communication skills, professional knowledge-base, and just plain old-fashioned kindness. Lillian B
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