Sinus Lift

Sinus Bump

The human skull has several cavities or air spaces called sinuses. When the sinus is enlarged and intrudes on areas where we want to place dental implants, bone or bone growth stimulation material is placed into the sinus. This procedure only affects the maxillary sinuses, which are located just over the molar teeth in the upper jaw. The side of the maxillary sinus is opened and the bottom is raised so it will fill in with bone. Several months later, dental implants can be placed in solid bone.

An "Osteotome Lift" is a surgical procedure that raises the floor of the sinus directly over where the implant is placed. This can be done without actually opening the sinus.

Patient Review

Dr. Blasingame is a wonderful Doctor, he was very kind and helpful through my whole surgery, before, during and after. He called to follow up on how I was doing after my surgery and was easy to get a hold of and talk to him if I had any questions. Thank you to him and his staff for doing an amazing job and making me feel comfortable.
- Anna S