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384 Hartnell Avenue, Suite A, Redding, CA 96002
4.8 / 5
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5 / 5
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Posted On: 01/18/2021 Courteous,friendly & professional. Very thorough.. would definitely recommend! Robert S website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/18/2021 Everyone at Team Perio was wonderful to work with. Their number one goal was my comfort and confidence in their ability to provide me with exceptional care. Even when I provided feedback of how they could improve patient care on the front end by calling to go over the days procedures with their patients one more time to be sure there was no questions about what the procedure will look like, they responded with gratefulness and thanks for sharing that input. Dental procedures can be very overwhelming, especially when you have had really negative experiences in the past. This was my case and all of their staff were sensitive to that, responded to my needs and made me feel at ease in a way that I have never felt in a dental office before. I HIGHLY recommend this dental office! Sarah Van D website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/17/2021 Another awesomely wonderful teeth & gum cleaning appointment with Irena. She is professional, knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. I am so grateful for the loving care she has provided as well as the detailed instruction on how to maintain healthy teeth & gums. Mary M website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/15/2021 First I was skeptical I was going to get great service and the knowledge of my periodontist as he being so young. Turns out he looks about 10 years younger than he is. and is very smart and excellent at his job. I did not feel rushed the day of my surgery though we had to wait a bit to get my blood pressure down from anxiety. They were calm and patient and did everything to make me relaxed. The process for an implant from the time he gave me the numbing agent to leaving was about 30 mins. The Dr was very professional, quick, talked his way thru it and my recovery has been so far great. I have only had to take one pain pill and that was to help me sleep just so I did not wake up in pain. I highly recommend and will be back for my next implant in a few months. I was definitely nervous with the nerve in my jaw line being very close. He let me know what he could and could not do and gave me all options. Don’t let Dr.B’s young good looks fool ya, he knows his stuff! Sabrina W website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/15/2021 Jessica M website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/15/2021 Linda W website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/14/2021 I have been very impressed with the friendliness, professionalism and thoroughness of the entire team at RPS. It felt really great to go in for a fairly involved procedure and have full confidence in what they were telling me about my options and their skills for the treatment. The after-care has felt very supportive and attentive, providing me alternatives as I navigated the healing process. Periodontal care is rarely 'fun,' but if I ever need it again - or if anyone I love requires it - I won't hesitate to send them to Dr. Blasingame and his team. Jenni G website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 01/08/2021 It was quicker than I expected! Linda and Katelyn were both very kind and informative which I appreciated as any dental office can be intimidating. I will definitely continue care here 🤗 Francise R website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 12/15/2020 Cheryl C website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 12/15/2020 The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They made my situation better with their professionalism and kindness. The doctor explained my choices and truly has my best interest in mind. I recommend them 100% Neon D website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 12/15/2020 So kind and supportive. Holly H website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 12/09/2020 Robert W website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 12/09/2020 John W website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 12/03/2020 Amanda H website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 10/15/2020 The office staff and dentist was so welcoming and professional . Thank you for making our visit pleasant. We will be back soon . Sand V website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 07/25/2020 I don’t normally do reviews, but the importance of this situation compelled me to do so. I am 68 years old and when I went to Dr. Blasingame my mouth was in pretty poor shape. After years of “putting it off” either out of a general fear of major dental procedures or just not putting a priority on it, I was missing several teeth and most of the rest were in bad shape. From the very first visit Dr. Blasingame and his staff made me feel comfortable with there attention and professionalism. In my case I needed to have the remainder of my teeth removed, bone grafts, and then implants. Everything went perfectly and I ended up with a set of teeth that look better than my own original teeth had for my entire life! I no longer need to clamp my lips shut when I smile! I have nothing but good things to say about Redding Periodontal Specialists, and would recommend them to anyone. Gary T website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 07/06/2020 Every single person was spectacular at this office. My grandmother was in a lot of pain when waking up on a Friday morning, we called Redding Periodontal Specialists and they got us right in. Dr. Liska was so kind in the way he explained all of the options for the tooth extraction, and checked up on her after her procedure (which is something very rare nowadays). The office staff were very quick to send the prescriptions over to the pharmacy, and were diligent about following up with my grandmother's primary doctor for the medical consult that was required before the procedure.
By far the best experience my grandmother and I have had with a medical office. Would recommend 1000 times over!
Amanda B website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 06/25/2020 Referred to Dr. Balsingame by my regular dentist for a second opinion before moving forward on some dental care. From the very first call to schedule the appointment I was impressed and the appointment itself followed suit. Every staff member I encountered was kind, warm and professional. The office itself is beautiful. Their current Covid procedures are very efficient and helped me feel like I was entering a clean environment and that they take the health and safety of both staff and patient very seriously. Laura L website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 05/27/2020 Dr. Blasingame was a saving grace for me. I had a very painful infection in my jaw and after one surgical extraction from an oral surgeon, the infection persisted. He knew exactly what went wrong and provided another surgery to remedy the problem. I had significantly less pain after his surgery than the first and recovery was the best I have had. His demeanor helped me to feel confident and safe with having to go through another surgery. Sasha L website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 11/20/2019 Thomas B website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 11/20/2019 Madison M website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 06/24/2019 The doctor is great. The staff needs improvement. The office seems to run 45 minutes late and if you talk to one lady the next has no idea what your talking about. After my husband had surgery and paid the interest in him seem to disappear. We had to call repeatedly to get his prescription mouth Rinse. Samantha W website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 05/30/2019 I found out that I had to have a tooth pulled and had an infection. I was happy that they were able to squeeze me in. It was tough having to lose a tooth and and all that money at the same time. I am still hurting and it’s been two days. It would have been nice to get a follow-up call to see how I was doing. Diana W website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 06/21/2018 Dr. Blasingame is a wonderful Doctor, he was very kind and helpful through my whole surgery, before, during and after. He called to follow up on how I was doing after my surgery and was easy to get a hold of and talk to him if I had any questions. Thank you to him and his staff for doing an amazing job and making me feel comfortable. Anna S website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 04/25/2018 I had my first tooth pulled today and I couldn't have gone to a better place. Dr. Blasingame and his assistant Linda were fantastic! There chairside manner was gentile and caring. They did an amazing job making me feel comfortable. Thank you so much! Amy G website Logo Google Review
Posted On: 07/25/2017 Dr Blasingame was very professional and knowledgeable during my consultation. I felt he was very patient which allowed for a good question and answer consult. His staff was very professional and helpful. I have a very busy schedule and appreciated the promptness of the staff. Barbara M
Posted On: 07/22/2017 Very good appointment, everyone was great! Cindy W
Posted On: 07/20/2017 Appreciated being called when someone cancelled. I had been in pain from infection under #18 molar for well over a month. Dr. B was very patient with me. His assistant was great too. I had alot of questions about different procedures which were all answered. Thanks you so much I feel 100%better. Marlies N
Posted On: 07/19/2017 The entire staff including Dr. Blasingame were all very knowledgeable & professional. They all seemed to have a way of making one feel comfortable and able to trust what was explained and what was to be expected before, during & after each procedure. Joy F
Posted On: 07/02/2017 Heather is extremely well trianed and informed. Rebecca R
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